Pay Per Click


Corbital Solutions is one of the fastest growing PPC advertising services providers that has been in business for past many years. Pay per click services or PPC advertising is the best way to rank higher on the Google search engine without investing a lot of your time and effort. If you are looking to grow your business with PPC advertising, you are at the right place.

Being a well-renowned PPC company, we help our clients decide their target market, budget and objectives. And then we create a relevant strategy to render the best results at affordable rates. We work closely with our clients and create PPC campaigns to help them generate leads right from the day it is activated. Our PPC advertising services enable you to use a complete suite of paid advertising formats that yield better results and instant leads for your business.

Corbital Solutions is a home to many PPC experts who have years of experience in creating and running campaigns for a variety of businesses. We even have earned a Google Premier Partner badge which signifies that we have met higher standards and practices of performance and have passed the criteria to become an official Google partner.


Campaign Creation

Before creating a campaign for you, we study and understand you business. This allows us to create a relevant campaign that not only drives traffic and sales but also minimize cost per conversion.

  • Deep Keyword Research and Analysis with anticipated average CPC for every targeted keyword
  • Ad-Groups Creation and Multiple Campaigns
  • Creating ads in a variety of formats including display ads, shopping ads, text only ads and so much more.
  • Campaign Settings (includes placement specific, search or content network, specific time of the day, targeted regions and time zone.
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Bidding and Budget Management
  • Enhancing Keyword Quality Score
  • Monitoring ROI & Generating Timely Reports

Lead Generation

Running a PPC campaign not only helps you reach out to your target audience in lesser time but also rank higher on the Google search engine which gives you wider reach and better online visibility. Our PPC experts create customized and bespoke PPC campaigns that will help you spread awareness about your business while generating leads simultaneously.

  • Drive targeted traffic to your website and increase sales
  • Bid on various stages of the funnel
  • We study your target audience search behavior and create campaign around it.
  • Achieve immediate keyword rankings and traffic
  • Control the message for each funnel stage
  • Track ROI down to the penny


Strategic options

We render a wide variety of strategic options to choose from including remarketing ads, display ads, and shopping ads which help you convey the right message to the targeted audience.

Specified reach

Whether you are a start up, an established business or a global brand, our PPC advertising options allow you to choose a specified reach for better results.

Controlled budget

With our PPC advertising services, you get to set your daily budget for your ads and also increase or decrease the budget as per your convenience and requirement.

Increased exposure

Choosing our pay per click services helps you attain an increased exposure by targeting specific keywords and reaching a higher rank on the Google search engine.

Attract and retain customers

User experiences which are based on in-depth research and sound analysis result in better customer relationships and more revenue. We’ll help you gain real insight into your customers’ needs and build experiences to meet them.

Drive The Right Traffic for More Conversions & Revenue

Ensuring we meet your own standards of service comes down to us setting our own standards very high. We manage our own service to you in the way we would do if we were the client, putting ourselves in your shoes.


  • Our PPC experts conduct ample keyword research to ensure right keywords are targeted for relevant search phrases.
  • We rendered increased conversion rates and higher traffic through effective landing page optimization and automatic as well as manual bid management.
  • We, at Corbital Solutions, use powerful tracking tools such as Google Analytics to render appropriate bid management solutions.

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